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tips for a successful art walk experience


As a business hosting an artist for AWE, your goal may be to promote the arts in Edmonds, to get more people into your shop or business, to build community, or all of the above. The artist is occupying space in your business to promote their art, to make contact with current and future collectors and admirers. We encourage them to promote your business as they are preparing for their time in your place. Make the most of this great opportunity!

  • Plan ahead with your artist. Invite the artist to see the space, introduce them to the person who will be watching the store/space during the evening of the Art Walk. Talk with your artist about expectations -- where they can display art, how much space to use, when to bring it and who is to hang it, whether the artist will need to bring easels, a table, etc. How long the art will be on display, who will handle sales, commission, who is to bring food/drink for guests, etc. It is completely up to your individual business as to how you handle sales and whether or not you want to charge a commission on art sales.
  • Ask your artist to have labels and an inventory list, especially if the art will remain on display when the artist is not present.
  • Prior to the Art Walk, promote the event! Do a "Save the Date" to give lots of notice, and then send reminders up until the day of the event. Promote your artist and your business, too. "Like" your artist on Facebook if they have a page, set up an event, and invite your friends!
  • Arrange with your artist to have the display ready prior to 5PM on the evening of Art Walk.
  • Greet your guests and introduce your Art Walk artist for the evening. Be ready to promote your artist, too. Think of this event as a symbiotic relationship. Good for you, good for your artist -- good for the town!
  • Let us know how your Art Walk experience goes. Feedback is so valuable, and your unique experience will help us to make improvements for businesses and artists alike.