Stores that don't have wall space can still display art creatively.

Stores that don't have wall space can still display art creatively.

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art hanging & display guidelines for businesses & artists


The goal for a successful event involves planning and clear expectations.  The business and the artist should consider the following:

  • How long would will the artist show their work?
  • How much space will be available for display?
  • Who will be responsible for hanging or placing the art?
  • How will the art be labeled and who is responsible for labeling?
  • When will the art be removed and how will that be handled?

plan ahead

The business should invite the artist to see the space and introduce the artist to the person who will be watching the store/space on Art Walk evening. Discuss expectations -- where to display art, how much space to use, when to bring it and who is to hang it, whether the artist will need to bring easels, a table, etc., how long the art will be on display, who will handle sales, what commission the business will charge (if any), who is to bring food/drink for guests, etc.

Please remember that only art galleries and bridal boutiques are allowed to serve alcohol, beer or wine, unless the business has a liquor license.

awe recommendations

Each business may handle showing art in their own way but here are some recommendations from the Art Walk Board of Directors:

  • We encourage businesses to show the artwork for a month.  This enables visitors to view the work throughout the month, enhancing and beautifying the business environment.  Many people want to come to the Art Walk locations on their own time.
  • Regarding space available, consider areas that are a good fit for both the artist and the business, and discuss this ahead of time.
  • Whether the artist hangs the art or the business, the essential point is that the business is responsible to make sure the hanging or display is safe, secure, and minimizes wall damage.  Any damage to walls that may occur during this process is the business’s responsibility to repair.  Generally, any damage to the art is the artist’s responsibility to repair. Agreement between the business and the artist should be achieved in the initial discussions.
  • Labeling art is important, whether the business would like to do it or the artist, make sure it is professional looking and enhances the overall look. Most artists will provide their own wall or table labels.  We have resources for them and for businesses who wish to use Word or Excel labels.
  • Make a clear plan as to when and how the art is to be removed.  Businesses are generally responsible for filling and touching up their own walls.
  • Art Walk Edmonds is not responsible for damages to the walls or artwork.

Feel free to contact Art Walk Edmonds with any questions!