This application is for professional or emerging artists wishing to participate in Art Walk Edmonds. AWE takes place every third Thursday of the month, with numerous businesses participating. The businesses will be able to look at the website and choose the artist they feel will fit into their venue for an upcoming event. Many businesses book their artists well ahead of time. Each business will have their own commission structure and will vary in how long the art can be left up at their location. AWE is good for both the businesses and the artist, builds goodwill, and gets your work out and your name known in the community. We encourage you to have your art ready to hang, show and sell, and to have a business license.

Your application and artwork will be reviewed for possible inclusion on the AWE artists page. When accepted, we will request an image from you that you feel best represents your work. We will post your information and image on the website shortly following receipt. Inclusion on the website does not guarantee that a business will contact you to participate, so we also encourage artists to reach out to businesses where they would like to show their work.

A listing on the website also puts your information in public view where anyone can see your image and click on through to your website or images. By applying, you also agree to receive communications from us in the form of occasional notices and a monthly newsletter.

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TheArtist Outreach committee will review applications on a monthly basis. Once approved your link and contact information will be posted on our website as a resource for businesses wishing to host an artist's work within their business.


Art Walk Edmonds presents a walking tour of the art shows at various locations in downtown Edmonds, Washington. The event takes place from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month. Art Walk Edmonds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.