installed November 2018
by Nick Goettling,, @lapsang.fang

The second endeavor from the newly formed MPE, a committee under Art Walk Edmonds, is a nautical-themed mural that wraps the building that houses Mar•Ket Fish Mongers & Eatery at 508 Main St in Edmonds.

Muralist Nick Goettling from Tacoma, Washington was chosen as the muralist for this project because his graphic style lent itself well to the vision that the MPE and mural sponsors, Shubert Ho and Andrew Leckie had for the building. He also has an abiding respect for the history of the area.

“I am a Pacific Northwesterner through and through,” said Goettling. “As an artist who works nationally, I’ve found that the most rewarding projects are the ones that let me engage with the local culture and history of our beloved Puget Sound. I first learned some of Edmonds’ history from my dad, who lived there for a decade and would retell the hilarious, fascinating stories he learned from the famous historian, Murray Morgan.”

This mural was sponsored by Mar•Ket Fish Mongers & Eatery owners Shubert Ho and Andrew Leckie, who had a specific vision for the mural.

“We wanted it to not only be eye-catching, but something that invited the viewer to stop and look closer. Perhaps even take selfies with it!” Ho said. The two collaborated closely with the MPE committee and the artist to come up with just the right image to make their vision come to life.


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