Edmonds Ocra Mural - Full Wall.jpg


installed September 2018
by Jake Wagoner, www.fortysixc.com, @FortySixC

The mural was inspired by and in honor of the mother and calf orcas of the J pod.

Gig Harbor artist Jake Wagoner has a long history in the art world, and over six years of experience in murals, Wagoner's background in environmental graphic design and mural art proved that he could build genuine connections between the site, the art, and the viewer.

“I feel artwork should have meaning,” said Wagoner. “On top of being beautiful, it should inspire the people that see it. Be it by merely brightening their day, young artists wanting to get better and do bigger things, or having a deeper meaning that would help change the world.”

The first endeavor from Mural Project Edmonds is on the south facing wall of Sound Styles, at 100 5th Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020.


the installation…